Google and Motorola Collaborating on "X" Mobile Devices

Google and Motorola Collaborating on "X" Mobile Devices


HTC, Samsung and LG have worked with Google to release Nexus-branded devices, and Motorola is likely to be next in line. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Google and Motorola are said to be working on a "X" phone and a "X" tablet for release in 2013.

Speaking to the WSJ, Dennis Woodside, the new Motorola Mobility CEO said that the company “investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches.” Although Motorola has slipped behind the competition this year, it now has the support and resources of Google to get back in the game. Google CEO Larry Page is reported to have promised a large marketing budget for the devices.

As Nexus phones have always been inferior in the imaging aspect, Motorola Mobility is said to be be working on highly advanced features for the phone's camera and photo software. Motorola will be incorporating new imaging and gesture-recognition features from Viewdle, a company that it acquired earlier this year. Viewdle's computer vision technology includes camera-based innovations in augmented reality, device interaction, media management, gaming and social networking.

Other than improving the imaging aspect, Motorola is also exploring the use of a “bendable screen and materials such as ceramics”, but have met with difficulties in manufacturing and supply-chain management. 

Motorola is known for its hardware expertise and focus on superior battery life in some of its recent smartphones (1) (2). If this report turns out to be true, 2013's line of Nexus devices may be the strongest yet from Google.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via AndroidandMe

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