Google Adds Discussion to Google Docs

Google Adds Discussion to Google Docs

Google has been constantly adding new features to its cloud services, and just a while back, the search engine giant has just tossed in a discussion feature within its Google Docs service. This allows document collaborators to engage in real-time discussions with each other on the documents they're editing. Thus, even if you don't have that particular Google Doc open, any ongoing discussion will be reflected, and sent to your Gmail account.

Slashgear - Google has updated Google Docs today with a new discussion feature that is like an amalgam of a chatroom, instant messaging, and e-mail. Previously Google Docs let multiple users make changes to a document and attach comments for the rest of the group to see, this update just takes it further and lets all users chat and make changes in real-time.

In a way, it does streamline the collaboration effort, combining the various communication channels within Google under one roof. Unfortunately, this new feature is only applicable to new documents created, while older documents that have been uploaded do not have this feature enabled.

On the lighter side of things, Google shows us how Discussions within Google Docs can be used for mischief, in this collaborated prank video:

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