Good News and Bad News for iPhone and iPad Skype Users

Good News and Bad News for iPhone and iPad Skype Users

Using Skype on the iPhone or the iPad with the rear facing camera on the device meant having to deal with shaky video. However, the new Skype client for the smart devices has effectively solved this problem and you can now enjoy steady video streams on calls. 

However, the new version comes at a higher cost. An advertising platform has been introduced for Skype on iPad and iPhone. While clients who purchase Skype credit will not be subjected to the ads, free users will have to deal with the product placement.

On top of it all, it seems that new bugs with the latest version have also been discovered. Faulty display of account settings and slow syncing of contacts have been plaguing users. But most importantly the new version may not display Skype Credit balance properly. Currently Skype can only suggest you uninstall and install the app once again to remove these problems. 

The introduction of ads into free services is a growing trend at present and has becomes extremely prevalent when it comes to video streaming. Skype is following suit and just saddling the free user with the inconvenience of advertisements so they switch over to paid versions. We just hope that future service providers find a way to leverage their free products for income in less intrusive ways. 

Source: ITWire


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