Go Versatile with Sanyo's New Ultra-Short Throw, 3D-Ready Projector

Go Versatile with Sanyo's New Ultra-Short Throw, 3D-Ready Projector

SANYO Singapore is pleased to announce the release of their new ultra short throw 3D ready projector that is made to make your life a breeze. The new PDG-DWL2500 is developed with the new ultra short-focus mirror projection optical unit that allows it to project an 80-inch wide screen at a distance of only 32cm from lens to screen. With rival models requiring a throw distance of 63.2cm and 82cm to achieve similar screen size.

The SANYO PDG-DWL2500 is one of the most versatile projectors around. It delivers outstanding projector no matter how you place them; floor projection, tabletop projection and even under-table projection. The projector is equipped with a 10W speaker and boasts a picture brightness of 2500 lumens, perfect for conference rooms and classrooms.

Setting up is a breeze with the PDG-DWL2500, its automatic set up function is possible with the automatic signal recognition, automatic keystone correction and direct power off function. The new long-life filter is designed to extend the replacement cycle by 20 times - reducing maintenance hassles. With the increase use of HDMI video interface for home and commercial applications, the Sanyo PDG-DWL2500 projector comes with a HDMI (version 1.3 standard compliance) input that supports high definition 720p and 1080p video sources, taking advantage of the WXGA widescreen resolution.

SANYO has incorporated the latest 3D technology into the PDG-DWL2500 projector, it supports the latest generation of 3D technology called the "Frame Sequential" transmission format that enables the viewing of 3D images through 3D glasses. Pictures for the right and left eye are created in alternating sequences with a speed of 60 hertz. This cutting edge 3D technology supports the NVIDIA 3D Vision that already has over 400 PC games titles and the number is increasing.

Available now at SGD3,499.00 inclusive of 7% GST.

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