Gizmodo Mocks Microsoft for Windows Phone 7

Gizmodo Mocks Microsoft for Windows Phone 7

By now smart phone junkies should know that Microsoft has omitted multi-tasking and cut & paste functions from their latest Windows Phone 7 OS. Naturally, this left many perplexed, baffled, and for some, downright pissed. Check out this post from Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo, which begins politely but slowly descends into downright mockery and hilarity. Here's a snippet:

Gizmodo - Dear Microsoft, you did a good job at out-Appling Apple with the Windows Phone 7. At least on paper. But instead of trying to beat them completely, it seems that you want to screw it all with two stupid decisions.

A thoroughly entertaining read to start the day. To read the post from Gizmodo, click here.

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