Gigabyte Expands Its Lineup of Chassis

Gigabyte Expands Its Lineup of Chassis

Gigabyte launches the Luxo X10, Sumo Alpha and adds four chassis - GZ-G1, G1 Plus, G2, G2 Plus - to its existing GZ series.

GZ-G1, G1 Plus, G2 and G2 Plus

The PSU is located at the base, lowering the center of weight and stabilizing the chassis as well as separate the system air flow. On top of that, ventilated holes and dust filter at the bottom of the GZ-G chassis enhances the dissipation performance of the PSU. Multimedia I/O ports located at the front panel allows users to easily access them.

Luxo X10

A gaming chassis, the Luxo X10 allows room for longer graphics cards. The installation design on the right also shortens the distance between the PSU and the motherboard/CPU pin.

Sumo Alpha

Constructed for professional gamers, the Sumo Alpha features a blue atmospheric LED backlight panel design. The lights can be turned on/off to suit different lighting environments, and the ODD covers can be easily removed to install HDDs without hassle. The PSU is located at the base of the chassis, so the air flow is divided, resulting in better thermal control.

Source: Gigabyte

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