GhostGuitar App Lets You Shred Air

GhostGuitar App Lets You Shred Air

Every rock and roll lover knows that the only way you can accurately express the feeling you get when you hear a screeching, guitar solo is to break out your imaginary axe and play air guitar. The medium has been given further legitimacy by the introduction of the official Air Guitar World Championships in 1996. And now with modern technology, you can take your finely honed air guitar skills and convert them to real music.

The GhostGuitar application from Yonac takes advantage of the iPhone's and iPad's front facing camera to record the movements of hands. So as you wail away on the fretboard and pickups of your Air Guitar, the application uses the input to reproduce actual sound. In addition, you can choose from a variety of pedals and effects on the app as well to get the tone and sound you want.

You can also record any particularly impressive feats of air guitar you might accomplish with the GhostGuitar and save them as video or sound files. While it may not be world changing, we think it definitely brings us one step closer to playing like Slash ourselves, which can only be good.

Source: GhostGuitar (via Wired and Ars Technica)


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