Get the Lowdown on Insurance for Your Tech Gadgets

Get the Lowdown on Insurance for Your Tech Gadgets

These days, it is typical for students to own at least one device like a mobile phone or a notebook. Some schools even make notebooks a compulsory learning tool for lessons. If they lose or damage the gadget, it could burn a huge hole on the pocket to get it repaired or replaced, especially if they rely solely on an allowance from their parents.

Yahoo! Finance - Even if they have bought the mobile phone on a contract, they have to pay the full price on the purchase of a replacement. These risks can be covered under an "all risk insurance policy".

Seems like more insurance companies are tapping on to the risks involved in losing these tech toys and offering policies to cover them. Are they really worth your while? Students and parents alike should be wary and give more thought to it. Click here for the full story.

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