GeForce GTX 460 Specs Leaked?

GeForce GTX 460 Specs Leaked?

According to website EXPreview, the next addition to the Fermi lineup will be the GeForce GTX 460. And allegedly, it will sport 336 CUDA cores and have a core clock speed of 675MHz and shader clock speeds of 1350MHz. Framebuffer size will be kept to 768MB running at 3600MHz DDR.

EXPreview - Last week, we have lanuched some specs about NVIDIA GeForce CTX460, 336 CUDA Core, memory for the 192bit 768MB.

Today we got one sectional drawing about GTX460, which we can get more information. Such as, frequency. Spec for Core / Shader /memory frequency respectively 675/1350/1800MHz, higer than GTX465(608/1215/1604MHz).

Quite odd that the GeForce GTX 460 should sport such relatively high clock speeds. But what is more curious is its rumored 336 CUDA cores, which doesn't add up because each shader multiprocessor is supposed to have 32 CUDA cores. Hence, take these figures with a pinch of salt.

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