GE Cameras Come to Singapore & Interview with President Hiroshi Seki

GE Cameras Come to Singapore & Interview with President Hiroshi Seki

Did you know that the American company GE (General Electric) makes cameras? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't - the company hasn't brought its cameras here until recently. General Imaging is the worldwide exclusive licensee of GE branded digital cameras, which first made their appearance in March 2007. While GE brought their cameras to COMEX last year for a soft launch, they will now be bringing GE cameras to a shop near you. 

The GE models coming in aren't new, but a couple in particular stand out. The G100 is a 14MP bridge camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens and 15x optical zoom, with a max. 10 frames per second shooting speed and 1080p video recording. The 14MP E1410SW also comes with 10x optical zoom, a max. shooting speed of 10 frames per second and 1080p video recording in a smaller body. It looks like GE will be competing heavily on price, as the two feature-rich models are only going to go for S$299 for the G100 and S$279 for the E1410SW. More details on the two cameras can be found on the second page of this post.

We had a chat with Hiroshi Seki, President and C.O.O. of General Imaging (Asia) on why GE is coming into Singapore and how they plan to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive digital camera market.

Interview with Hiroshi Seki, President & C.O.O., General Imaging (Asia)

So why is GE bringing their digital compact cameras into Singapore?

Seki: Singapore is an influential country for the rest of Southeast Asia, that's why we're bringing our products here. From here, we hope to spread out to the other countries in the region. 

How does GE plan to differentiate itself from the rest of the big camera brands already here in Singapore?

Seki: Our users aren't professionals, just people looking to take good pictures. Focusing on these people is very important. That's why we always put ease-of-use in mind when we design our cameras. People don't want to miss good moments, but with complicated cameras it's easy to miss out on these moments. That's why the continuous shooting feature in our cameras will help people feel at ease. You just need to push the shutter and the camera will capture all those moments.

These cameras are from General Electric, which is an American company. Does that mean they are designed in the US?

Seki: We have an R&D team in Taiwan, comprised of many nationalities like Taiwanese, American and Japanese, so it is a joint effort. The cameras are made in China. Maybe you know, digital compact cameras - any brand - are made in China. They're also sixty to seventy percent made by the Taiwanese EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service). 

Some reports showed that digital compact camera sales declined in 2011. So what is GE's strategy for its camera business going forward?

I think that the Asia Pacific area's population is still increasing. In the developed Western countries it's getting more difficult, because the smartphone cameras are getting better and better. But I think we still have a chance here in the developing countries to grow.

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