GameStop Delivers Gaming Tablets But No PlayStation Suite

GameStop Delivers Gaming Tablets But No PlayStation Suite

The tablet form factor is a puzzling one. It is too large to be truly portable and at the same time too small to be considered as a device meant for productivity. No attached keyboard and an average processor means that while mundane tasks like word processing and spreadsheet manipulations are possible, but no one actually ever attempts these tasks on a tablet.

However, everyone will agree without hesitation that tablets are immensely fun. The touch controls and other accessories open up limitless possibilities to indulge and entertain yourself. And now GameStop is offering up the amsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Acer Iconia Tab A100 geared up as the first gaming tablets. The tablets will come with seven pre-loaded games that include Dead Space and Madden NFL, as well as GameStops own propriety Bluetooth game controller.

This is the first real foray made into testing whether or not tablets can be used for serious game titles from major publishers. If you ask us, we have always thought that the devices would make the perfect portable console. Larger screens and better processors would definitely give tablets the edge over smaller handheld gaming devices.

The omission of PlayStation Suite, however, is glaring. The purportedly hardware-neutral software framework from Sony is supposed to allow devices running Android 2.3 the ability to download PlayStation games directly onto their tablets. Rumors say that the service should be launched by end of 2011.

In our opinion Sony better get a move on with the launch because each day it waits it loses ground and leverage in the tablet markets. The Sony Tablets are not doing all that well and if the public's response to the Nintendo 3DS is any gauge, the Sony Vita better be a stellar product if it aims to sell.

The PlayStation Suite can help Sony gain massive control in the tablet market. Any tablet that comes equipped with Sony hardware certification and access to their game titles instantly becomes a much more attractive proposition. It will definitely give many iPad users great incentive to switch to a PlayStation Suite enabled Android competitor.

Source: GameStop (via Engadget and Joystiq

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