GameChanger Turns iPad into Board Game

GameChanger Turns iPad into Board Game

Board games aren't extinct yet, but wouldn't it be great if they transition to a more digital concept? The GameChanger Game Board for iPad by Digital Identity presents an interesting thought for us.

GameChanger is essentially an electronic board that docks to the iPad, and with its app that's available in the App Store, you can engage in a good old board game with your friends. The accessory comes with four game pieces to represent players, and each game comes with a unique game skin that's laid on the board. Technically, this is just a cardboard that shows you the squares that you can press on the board. A spokesperson from Identity Games did mention that they don't rule out the possibility of letting players download the skin and printing it out on their own. Meanwhile, the skin can be purchased from its distributors.

While this is a simple concept, it does highlight the potential for prominent board game makers to tap into the digital realm with a similar design. According to Identity Games, GameChanger is available in Singapore, distributed by Oxycle International Pte. Ltd. Pricing has been set at US$79.99 for the board with pre-loaded games in the app, while additional games are available as an in-app purchase with varying prices. More games will be added within the year, and the company is looking at introducing six to ten games per year.

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