Gainward Launches GeForce GT 520 Series

Gainward Launches GeForce GT 520 Series

Gainward officially introduces two new models of GeForce GT 520 graphics accelerators for the mainstream discrete VGA market, Gainward GeForce GT 520 1GB SilentFX passive cooler and Gainward GeForce GT 520 1GB active cooler. Featuring advanced Nvidia Fermi 2.0 GPUs (GF119) for better productivity and efficiency, the new chips provides smooth graphics in your games and multimedia contents while staying cool and power efficient. It is with the full support of latest DirectX 11 multimedia gaming standard and is supplied with Gainward components for greatest stability. Gainward GeForce GT 520 "GOOD" series is the ideal solution for price-performance conscience users with high demands.

Gainward brand new GeForce GT 520 series: it is packed with 48 cores which is clocked at 810 MHz and geared with 1GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 535 MHz on a 64bits bus. Gainward has equipped both models with HDMI, DVI and CRT outputs to insure maximum compatibility with your hardware. Gainward GeForce GT 520 series is designed to enable all types of digital media PCs from HTPCs to 3D PCs. The efficient Gainward custom cooling system will keep the cards quiet and cool with low power consumption even at full charge. The card fully supports DirectX 11 for high quality gaming and visuals. Along with NVIDIA CUDA and PhysX technology, gamers will enjoy real-time environmental effects and character interactions.

Gainward GeForce GT 520 series has been designed to conquer the mainstream market by providing the latest VGA technology as a standard into your PC. With the power of Gainward GeForce GT 520 series, accelerate editing of your photos and HD videos, immerse yourself in Blu-Ray 3D movies, and play the latest DX11 games. You can go online, navigate shop and socialize in a whole new way with HTML5 GPU accelerated web browsers like Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome; enjoy 1080p online videos, render high-res photos instantly and supercharge your favorite multimedia applications.

From this amount of power, you will benefit to immerse in web, photos and video with fluidity including High Definition contents. Most affordable Gainward GeForce GT 520 GPUs is perfectly capable of running DirectX 11 games and will be mostly sufficient for common users and occasional gamers. Explore Gainward GeForce GT 520 series and have a good time with realistic physical effects for a lifelike gaming adventure and highest-quality home theater experience.

Model GT 520 1024MB DDR3 GT 520 1024MB DDR3 SilentFX
Stream Processor Units 48
Core clock 810MHz
Shaders clock 1620MHz
Memory clock 535MHz (DDR 1070MHz)
Memory type DDR3
Bandwidth 64 bits
Cooler BCBG Fan-Sink Heat-sink
Output Ports DVI/ HDMI/ VGA
Bus Interface PCI-Express 2.0
Technologies Microsoft Windows 7 support
DirectX 11 Done Right
Shader Model 5.0 support
Microsoft DirectCompute 5.0 support
NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
NVIDIA CUDA Technology
Better NVIDIA PhysX performance
Blue-Ray 3D support
NVIDIA PureVideoTM HD technology
Hardware Video Decode Acceleration
True HD and DTS-HD Audio Bistreaming Support
OpenGL 4.1 support
OpenCL Support
High Definition 1080p Display Support
Dual-link HDCP Capable
One DVI-I connector
One VGA connector
Native HDMI 1.4a with integrated 7.1 channels Audio Codec


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