Gainward Announces New GeForce GT 440 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

Gainward Announces New GeForce GT 440 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

Gainward has announced its new GT 440 1GB GDDR5 model. The Gainward GeForce GT 440 1GB is featured with Nvidia Fermi Architecture (GF108 chipset), designed to provide the latest VGA technologies with an adequate price while presenting powerful performance on digital multimedia PCs.

Gainward GeForce GT 440 1GB is equipped with 96 Nivdia CUDA cores clocked the speed at 810MHz and geared with 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1600 MHz on a 128 bits bus. Gainward has made this robust card with powerful performance, optimized own design GR8 (Great 8cm) fan retaining excellent thermal performance and great stability. It has alternative output configuration of DVI, HDMI and VGA that features the most flexible combination of monitor outputs and multiple utility choices variety of outputs.

Gainward GeForce GT 440 1GB has powerful GPU-accelerated features, whether you are gaming, editing 3D photos, watching 3D videos or adapting Blu-ray 3D and it brings you a good playing experience at a reasonable price. By fully adopting DirectX11 up-to-date technology, Gainward GeForce GT440 1GB easily defeats the competitors in red camp-HD 5570 of 36% faster at DirectX 11 on H.A.W.X.2., which also surpasses GT 240 by 28% with satisfying FPS on StarCraft II. Gainward GeForce GT440 1GB not only shows a stunning new level of details but also provides gaming thrills that delivers a wonderful entertaining experience.

Adopting NVIDIA technology, DirectX 11, Physx, CUDA, Gainward GeForce GT 440 1GB is a good choice for powerful digital multimedia PCs.

Gainward GeForce GT 440 1GB GDDR5
Model GT 440 1024MB GDDR5
Stream Processor Units 96 cores
Core Clock 810 MHz
Shader Clock 1620 MHz
Memory Clock 1600 MHz (DDR 3200 MHz)
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Width 128-bit
Output Ports DVI / HDMI / VGA
Cooler BCBG Fan Sink
Bus Interface PCI Express 2.0
Technologies Microsoft Windows 7 support
DirectX 11 Done Right
Shader Model 5.0 support
Microsoft DirectCompute 5.0 support
NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
NVIDIA CUDA Technology
Better NVIDIA PhysX performance
Blue-ray 3D support
NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
Hardware Video Decode Acceleration
True HD and DTS-HD Audio Bistreaming Support
OpenGL 4.0 support
OpenCL support
High Definition 1080p Display Support
Dual-link HDCP Capable
One VGA connector
Native HDMI 1.4a with integrated 7.1 channels Audio Codec
Driver  CD Including Gainward award winning Expertool tuning Utility


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