G Cloud - The World's First Commercial Mobile Cloud Gaming Service

G Cloud - The World's First Commercial Mobile Cloud Gaming Service

Ubitus Inc. announced the launch of world’s first commercial mobile cloud gaming service, G Cloud, with NHN Japan Corporation. Ubitus' GameCloud technology is preloaded into NTT Docomo's LTE Android tablets which are planned to be launched nationwide in Japan in October 2011 or shortly after.  The tablets on offer are the docomo Tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D and the docomo Tablet Arrow Tab LTE F-01D which are manufactured by Samsung and Fujitsu respectively.


Users can instantly experience various popular high-quality game titles, including online MMORPG and 3D action games from major providers, through a premium model or a purchase of  "Play Ticket". Ubitus GameCloud Technology specializes in rendering games that require graphics computing on the server cloud and processes gaming media into streaming video. Its patent pending streaming technologies allow mobile devices with a thin client to interactively control games remotely through a dynamically-rendered interface.

For more information about G Cloud, please follow this link. For a better understanding of LTE and its implementation locally, feel free to peruse our writeup.


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