Future Moves from Google

Future Moves from Google

Google's dominance in the search engine market is undisputed. With the addition of Android and Google+, they have branched out and vastly increased their sphere of influence. However, they are not just content with their current status and are maneuvering to secure an even brighter future.

News has just streamed out that Google is testing the next-generation personal handheld device. But rather than hand over construction and manufacture to a second party, like HTC for the Nexus One and Samsung for the Galaxy Nexus (which was just made available in Singapore), Google might be going it alone for the new product.

According to a document submitted to FCC, Google is seeking permission to test the device for stability of operation on public wireless networks. A total of 102 lucky Google employees will be carrying out the trials.

At the same time Google is also seeking permission from FCC to start IP Video services in Kansas City. Google Fiber and is trying to score access to fixed satellite, receive only earth station. The subsidiary is also trying to provide a 1Gbps fiber-to-home testbed for the location.

Taking into account that Google has also rolled out a few information-collecting routers, smart glasses and Google Music as well, our take on the matter is that the search giants are posturing to take a slice of home entertainment segment. Looking at Google's track record of success, we are quite excited with the new developments.

Source: FCCSlashgear and Arstechnica

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