Fujitsu Introduces Spring 2011 Line-Up With the Latest Processors

Fujitsu Introduces Spring 2011 Line-Up With the Latest Processors

Fujitsu unveiled its 11 latest LIFEBOOK and ESPRIMO EH300 that features the 2nd generation Intel Core processor and AMD Fusion Brazos platform. This array of enhanced LIFEBOOK is specially designed to deliver an unparallel user experience that includes solid computing performance, excellent media and graphic capabilities, and greater energy efficiency.

The new range of LIFEBOOK –S Series (LIFEBOOK SH761 & SH561), N Series (LIFEBOOK NH751), P Series (LIFEBOOK P771 & PH701), T Series (LIFEBOOK T901), A Series (LIFEBOOK AH531), L series (LIFEBOOK LH701 & LH531) and B series (BH531) are the models incorporated with the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor. The latest LIFEBOOK that run on 2nd Generation Intel Core processor will set a new benchmark in terms of its unprecedented level of computing performance, speed and visual capabilities. The new LIFEBOOK are equipped with user friendly features that will satisfy the various needs required by consumers and business professionals.

Riding along the Fujitsu 2011 Spring collection is the new ESPRIMO EH300 that runs on the latest AMD Fusion Brazos platform. This new product will provide a gratifying digital experience to all entry level users who yearn for a powerful computing device that offers the best value for money. With enhanced capabilities such as maximum processing functionality, lower power consumption and unique graphic presentation, users are now able to enjoy an extended, seamless entertainment and gaming experience, all at the same time.

LIFEBOOK with the latest 2nd Generation Intel Core processor:

  • LIFEBOOK SH761: The LIFEBOOK SH761 is Fujitsu’s technology flagship. Equipped with all the essential top-of-the-line features, including the Green 0 Watt AC adapter, this 1.6kg ultra-portable system captivates technology enthusiasts with its SuperFine HD back-light LED display of 300nits and 6200 mAH battery, one of the highest capacity in its class. Fujitsu’s unique, patent pending ventilation system enables fuss-free maintenance, longer usage and ensures computing reliability in personal and business situations.
  • LIFEBOOK SH561: The LIFEBOOK SH561 is a portable all-rounder and is ideal for mobile professionals on a quest for computing nirvana and enhanced durability. To enrich the user experience, it features a pragmatic arc design, textured palm rests, and simple elegance. The LIFEBOOK SH561 also comes with the advanced biometric security features, such as the radio-frequency-based Fingerprint Sensor.
  • LIFEBOOK NH751: The LIFEBOOK NH751 is a premium high-powered notebook designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts who demand an immersive gaming experience. Powered by the Intel Quad-core i7-2630QM and offers a phenomenal audio-visual experience via its built-in 1GB NVIDIA graphics card with Optimus technology and built-in digital theatre system (DTS) on luxurious 5.1 speakers. It also comes with built-in Blu-ray player for HD movie entertainment.
  • LIFEBOOK P771: Elegantly wrapped with a glossy black cover, anti-glare screen, thin and light LCD panel-equipped, the LIFEBOOK P771 caters to business professionals’ need for an ultra-portable notebook with superb performance and reliability. The stunning portable device comes with a striking glossy cover for business users. An additional modular bay device is easily plugged in for flexible usage, and users will enjoy extended battery lifespan in the instance of a modular bay battery.
  • LIFEBOOK PH701: Designed for mobile users on-the-go, the 1.5kg LIFEBOOK PH701, is equipped with a 12.1-inch SuperFine back-light LED display, and is delightfully finished with an elegant keyboard, a comfortable palm rest and a multi-touch touch pad. Inspired by the ergonomic designs of Japan, the one-finger scroll wheel is tasked for everyday computing convenience. The LIFEBOOK PH701 is available in both Glossy Black and Glossy White.
  • LIFEBOOK T901: Being the first Fujitsu tablet fitted with a discrete professional grade graphics card, the LIFEBOOK T901 is designed for the industrial professional tablet user. Users are able to unleash their full creativity via the machine’s exceptional writing and multi-touch features. It also encompasses the modular bay device for flexible usage and convenience which allows users to enjoy extended battery lifespan in the instance of a modular bay battery. The Anytime USB Charge feature enables users to charge USB peripherals without switching on the tablet. Business users will take a liking to the comprehensive security features such as the LIFEBOOK Lock and the RF Fingerprint Sensor.
  • LIFEBOOK AH531: Coupled with a 15.6-inch 16:9 HD back-light LED display, the LIFEBOOK AH531 is lightweight in its class and gives value-conscious users an excellent computing experience. The spill-resistant, full-sized keyboard and 10-key number pad are configured to ensure extra comfort and convenience. The LIFEBOOK AH531 is perfect for users yearning for sound gaming performance and home entertainment.
  • LIFEBOOK LH701: This 1.9kg anodized black notebook provides comprehensive features to meet the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) users seeking a desktop alternative. Wrapped in a tough aluminum case with Zen-style curved edges, the 14-inch LIFEBOOK LH701 is lightweight in its class and is a high-performance computer with a host of improved business features, including RF Fingerprint Sensor and anti-glare screen.
  • LIFEBOOK LH531: The LIFEBOOK LH531 is available in Shiny Black, Garnet Red and Cherry Pink and comes with a high-gloss back cover which is wrapped within a silver lining that offers sheer elegance. A spectacular HD entertainment experience and intelligent graphics performance are paired with beautiful curvatures that embody the legendary strength of the famous Japanese Katana blade. The machine is designed for everyday computing and is an excellent companion for first time PC buyers and students where value for money is a top priority.
  • LIFEBOOK BH531: Powered by NVIDIA Optimus technology and 1GB VRAM, the LIFEBOOK BH531 balances mainstream features and portability with affordability, and is optimized to bring to users, outstanding HD graphics performance whenever it is needed while extending battery life with its Power ECO button. The LIFEBOOK BH531 is less than 2kg and is available in Shiny Black and Garnet Red.

ESPRIMO with the new AMD Fusion Brazos processor

ESPRIMO EH300: The ESPRIMO EH300 is an all-in-one compact size high performance PC that delivers optimum functionalities, features and speed at its core allowing its users to wirelessly control their multimedia content anywhere. Specially designed to save space and energy, the ESPRIMO EH300 boasts low voltage AMD Fusion Brazos and AMD Radeon HD6330M, bringing the most satisfying digital experience to gaming enthusiasts and movie buffs.

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