Fujitsu Dual-Screen Concept Phone Demonstrated

Fujitsu Dual-Screen Concept Phone Demonstrated

We got to tip our hats to those Japanese manufacturers for their innovative design. The folks at Engadget managed to get some hands-on time with a Fujitsu dual-touchscreen concept phone, which was kind of teased at this year's Mobile World Congress. But what really got us excited is that we are now looking at a product that seems to be fully complete and ready for production.

Engadget - Back at Mobile World Congress in February, the mobile UI gurus at TAT showed off their interpretation of a dual-screen phone interface using TI's powerhouse OMAP4 testbed. Seemed a little pie-in-the-sky at the time, but frankly, the concept device being shown off by Fujtisu at CEATEC this week -- created with TAT's involvement, it turns out -- seems virtually ready for production.

The Fujitsu concept phone's uniqueness is not just in its dual-screen nature. The device has been optimized to let the user utilize both screens, and in the demonstration, we saw an impressive user interface working in tandem with the top and bottom screen. And of course, the form factor - it might seem to be a normal clamshell device, but with a little twist, it transforms into a landscape oriented device.

Words just aren't enough, so head on over to Engadget and check out the images and videos of the Fujitsu concept phone.

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