Fujifilm's X-Pro 1 Mirrorless System Camera Details Leaked

Fujifilm's X-Pro 1 Mirrorless System Camera Details Leaked

Fujifilm's debut mirrorless system camera has been leaked ahead of its planned preview at CES next week. The X-Pro 1, like the X100 and the X10, pays homage to the rangefinders of old with its retrospective design. The leaked details say that the camera uses a hybrid optical viewfinder similar to the X100, which combines the best of both optical and electronic viewfinders; you'll be able to frame your shots through clear glass while getting digital information projected on the display.

The X-Pro 1 will apparently have a 16MP APS-C sensor, putting it in the same class as the Sony NEX and Samsung NX mirrorless cameras, as well as entry to mid-level DSLRs (the sensor size should finally put to rest the long rumors that Fujifilm might join the Micro Four Thirds standard). No news yet whether this sensor is the Fujifilm organic sensor that many have been talking about, but this is the sensor which Fujifilm CEO Shigetaka Komori has said will have "resolution and low noise (that) will surpass the 35mm full size sensor."

Besides the new camera, three new X-mount lenses have also been leaked; all primes; an 18mm f/2.0, a 35mm f/1.4 and a 60mm f/2.4. Because of the APS-C sensor's 1.5x crop factor, these are the 35mm equivalents of 27mm, 52.5mm and 90mm respectively. One last leaked detail: These lenses are made of metal, so should be serious glass.

If Komori's announcement late last year proves true, the X-Pro 1 will be released sometime in Spring this year, and we'll see a preview of the X-Pro 1 in CES next week when we're on the show floor. Stay tuned for more details on

Source: Wells Fargo via The Verge (here's a link to the leaked article from the French magazine Réponses Photo which was leaked on the Wells Fargo website, courtesy of the X100 Forums)

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