Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Announced with New 16MP Trans-X Sensor

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Announced with New 16MP Trans-X Sensor

Fujifilm has officially announced their first mirrorless system camera. The X-Pro1 features a brand new 16MP Trans-X CMOS APS-C sized sensor which Fujifilm claims "is capable of delivering resolution that is parallel, if not superior, to a full frame sensor". It has a new color filter array which removes the traditional need for an optical low-pass filter, thus increasing resolution. The new color filter array's RGB pixels are arranged with a high degree of randomness, which promises to solve moire and discoloration issues while also producing image noise more akin to film grain than digital noise.

The X-Pro1 also comes with a Hybrid Viewfinder. First seen in the X100, the Hybrid Viewfinder lets you switch between an optical and electronic viewfinder. When one of the new Fujinon XF-series lens is attached, both the viewfinder magnification and bright frame sizes automatically switch to match the lens' focal length.

Like the X100 and the X10, the X-Pro1 continues the line with a retro rangefinder-inspired body design. The top and base are made from aluminum alloy and the main body has a synthetic leather finish. The X-Pro1 introduces a new X-Mount into the mirrorless system camera world, bringing the number of mirrorless standards to seven. Three native lenses will be launched with the X-Pro1; a XF18mmF2 R, a XF35mmF1.4 R and a XF60mmF2.4 R Macro. Because the X-Pro1 has a crop factor of 1.5x, these will be the 35mm equivalents of 27mm, 52mm and 90mm. 

Additional accessories for the X-Pro1 include a hand grip HG-XPro1, shoe mount flash EF-X20 with automatic and manual controls, plus a built-in flash diffuser, leather case LC-XPro1, φ39mm and φ52mm protector filters. The X-Pro1's price will be around US$1700, and its lenses will each be in the US$650 region. Fujifilm has said it will release 9 lenses for the X-mount over the next three years, including zooms and prime lenses. There will be mount adapters, the Leica M-mount will be the first to come.

Fujifilm has previously stated that the X-Pro1 will be available in spring '12, but news from CES is that it will be available in February. If you can't get enough of the X-Pro1, Dpreview already has an X-Pro1 preview article up based on a pre-production model. Check out the official Fujifilm videos below as well, which include detailed walk-throughs by the Fuji Guys, and the official Fujifilm X-Pro1 website.

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