Fujifilm Announces a String of Cameras

Fujifilm Announces a String of Cameras

Fujifilm announces 'A' series, FinePix F550/F500 EXR, FinePix XP30/XP20, FinePix Z90, FinePix T300/T200, FinePix HS20 EXR, 'J' Series and S3200-S4000 series as its new 2011 digital cameras.

New ‘A’ series of cameras are on this year’s hot list

Following the huge success of the 2010 range of FinePix ‘A’ series cameras, Fujifilm is pleased to introduce four new additions for 2011. The FinePix AV200, AV250, AX300 and AX350 all combine a good all-round feature-set with affordability, and are perfect for beginners who want a simple point and shoot digital camera.


Model No Megapixels Zoom
AV200 14 3x Fujinon zoom lens
AV250 16 3x Fujinon zoom lens
AX300 14 5x Fujinon zoom lens
AX350 16 5x Fujinon zoom lens

Key features of the A series' models:

• 14 or 16 megapixels
• 3x or 5x Fujinon zoom lens
• Digital Image Stabilization
• Lightweight design
• Single and Tracking Auto Focus with SR Auto and movie mode
• Motion Panoram mode
• ISO sensitivity 1600 at full resolution and up to ISO 3200 with 3MP
• Full HD photos and 720p HD movie capture (16 : 9 stills)
• Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO)
• Face Detection technology with auto red-eye removal
• Picture Search – by Face, by Scene, and by Date
• Easy to use with intuitive GUI
• AA battery operated

FinePix F550 EXR – the perfect compact, anywhere in the world

Packed with features and loaded with some of the latest technological innovations, the new Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR is set to take the premium compact camera market by storm.

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning FinePix F200 EXR and F300 EXR models, this latest recruit to the range is the ideal camera for discerning point-and-shoot photographers or SLR users who want to travel light but don’t want to compromise image quality and picture-taking versatility. Superb results are assured with exciting new features including an innovative 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, advanced GPS functions, high speed shooting capabilities, a 15x wide-angle zoom lens, Full HD movie functionality and an improved user interface. With a stylish design and pocketable dimensions, the FinePix F550 EXR is set to become the must-have compact in 2011.

Fujifilm FinePix F550/F500 EXR key features:

• All-new 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor
• GPS functionality*
• 15x optical zoom covering 24-360mm (35mm equivalent)
• Fast AF
• 3.0 inch LCD with 460,000 pixel and new Rich User Interface using Vector fonts and graphics
• Advanced anti blur technologies*
• Advanced Anti blur mode in EXR Auto and CMOS Shift I.S.
• 1600% wide dynamic range
• Full resolution high speed shooting at 8fps**
• Raw file format*
• Full HD movie capture using H.264 (MOV) format
• New EXR Auto mode featuring 27 scenes
• Film simulation modes
• Motion Panorama 360 mode
• Photobook Assist function

* Not available on F500 EXR
** 3 fps on F500EXR

FinePix XP30 with GPS – a world’s first for outdoor compacts

Fujifilm has raised the bar in the competitive outdoor compact camera sector by introducing the FinePix XP30; the world’s first water, shock, dust and freeze proof model featuring built-in GPS functionality. *
* Researched by Fujifilm at 5th of January

Continuing in the tradition set by the XP10 that it replaces, the FinePix XP30 offers a competitively-priced entry into the sector with a specification that will ensure outdoor-loving photographers or adventure sports enthusiasts are well catered for. In addition to GPS and its rugged build quality, the camera also features 14.2 megapixel resolution with an impressive 5 times wide zoom with optical image stabilization to shoot sharp image quality in any condition. With a FinePix XP30 in their rucksack, outdoor photographers will be able take their pictures to new heights without the steep price tag!

Fujifilm FinePix XP30/XP20 key features:

• 14.2 megapixel resolution
• GPS functionality*
• 5x wide optical zoom covering 28-140mm (35mm equivalent)
• CCD shift image stabilisation
• 2.7 inch rear LCD with 230,000 pixels
• Waterproof to five metres
• Shockproof up to 1.5 metres
• Freezeproof to –10°C
• Dust/Sandproof
• Motion Panorama mode
• Available in Black, Silver, Orange, Blue, Green and White**

* Not available on XP20
** White color is not available on XP20

 The FinePix Z90 – a touch of social networking!

Introducing the undeniably stunning FinePix Z90 from Fujifilm, a super-stylish member of the 1st half 2011 range of digital cameras. It’s packed full of fun and easy-to-use features, this camera really is not just a pretty face. Housing an innovative 3-inch wide LCD touch screen, a 14.2 megapixel sensor, a 5x Fujinon optical zoom, 720p HD movie and 1080p image capture, and a YouTube/Facebook easy web upload facility; the FinePix Z90 is the perfect camera for a fashion-conscious audience that is looking for a combination of quality and style.

Fujifilm FinePix Z90 Key Features:

• 3.0-inch wide touch screen LCD
• 14.2MP sensor
• Slimmer metal body with vertical sliding lens cover
• Fujinon 5x wide Optical Zoom (28-140mm equivalent)
• YouTube/Facebook easy web upload
• HD Recording for both stills and movies
• One-touch Movie Mode and Movie Editing feature
• Digital Image Stabilisation
• Touch and Shoot
• Auto Picture Rotation
• Tracking Auto Focus
• Image search function
• Available in Black, Silver, Pink, Blue, Purple and Red

FinePix T300 – Fujifilm has great photography down to a ‘T’ with world thinnest 10 times zoom compact camera!

High quality photography just got a whole lot more accessible thanks to the introduction of the new FinePix T300. One of two models that comprise Fujifilm’s new T series, the T300 presents the ideal solution for those who want to buy a well specified, easy to use and most importantly, world thinnest* 10 times zoom compact camera to take on their travels or use to capture family life, but don’t want a hefty price tag to match.
* Researched by Fujifilm at 5th of January

The T300 offers a specification that few other models can match, including some of latest cutting edge technologies plucked from higher?end models in Fujifilm’s range.

Fujifilm FinePix T300/T200 key features:

• 14 megapixels
• 10x optical zoom covering 28-280mm (a 35mm camera equivalent)
• 3.0 inch rear LCD with 230,000 pixels*
• CCD Shift type Image Stabilisation
• Face recognition and Image Search
• ISO 3200 maximum sensitivity
• Slim body style available in five colours
• Photobook Assist
• Motion panorama

*T200 will have 2.7 inch rear LCD with 230,000dots

 FinePix HS20 EXR – The ultimate all-in-one just got better

Record-breaking, innovative, versatile; the new Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR is all this and so much more. Replacing the multiple award-winning FinePix HS10; this latest addition to the range of Fujifilm bridge cameras represents the perfect picture taking solution for photographers who want the specification and picture quality of an SLR without the heavy camera bag and huge dent in their bank balance. With a class-leading feature set that includes a brand new EXR CMOS sensor, high speed continuous shooting capability, improved user interface, versatile video functions, 16 megapixel resolution and a 30x zoom lens with advanced anti?blur technologies, the HS20 EXR sets new standards in bridge camera functionality and performance.

FinePix HS10 v HS20 key differences:

  FinePix HS10 FinePix HS20
Resolution 10 megapixels 16 megapixels
Dynamic range 400% 1600%
Movie capture H.264 (MOV)
High Speed Movie
H.264 (MOV)
High Speed Movie
Scene Recognition 6 Scenes 27 Scenes
Continuous shooting rate 10fps at 10 megapixels 8fps at 16 megapixels,
11 fps at 8 megapixels
TTL flash No Yes
Remote release compatibility No Yes (RR-80)
SDXC compatibility No Yes, with USH
Film simultation No  
EXR processor No  

Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR key features:

• All-new 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor
• 30x optical zoom covering 24-720mm (35mm equivalent)
• 3.0 inch LCD with 460,000 pixel and new Rich User Interface using Vector fonts and graphics
• Advanced anti-blur technology
• 1600% wide dynamic range
• Full resolution high speed shooting at 8fps, high speed movie capture at up to 320 fps (320 x 112 pixels)
• Longer battery life (up to 350 frames, with 4-AA alkaline batteries)
• Electronic level function
• Raw file format
• Full HD movie capture using H.264 (MOV) format
• New EXR Auto mode featuring 27 scenes
• Colour fringing reduction and corner sharpness improvement
• Film simulation modes
• Quick start mode
• Motion Panorama 360 mode
• TTL flash control with optional external flashes
• Lens hood included (excluding China model)
• Photobook Assist function

The new ‘J’ series cameras from Fujifilm: sleek, stylish and full of fun!

Following in the footsteps of the current J series models, Fujifilm today announces five new additions to the range. The new cameras feature the same winning formula as previous models – all are slim, elegant compact cameras which have been filled to the brim with the latest technologies.

Differences of the five new models:

Code Megapixel Lens Camera thickness Technology
JV200 14 3x optical zoom (36-108mm) 20.9mm(18.5mm*) Face Detection
JV250 16 3x optical zoom (36-108mm) 20.9mm(18.5mm*) Face Detection
JV300 14 5x optical zoom (28-140mm) 23.7mm(18.5mm*) Face Detection
JV350 16 5x optical zoom (28-140mm) 23.7mm(18.5mm*) Face Detection
JV400 16 5x optical zoom (28-140mm) 23.3mm(16.7mm*) Face Recognition

*Without lens projection portion

Core Specification:

• Slim metal bodied design
• 2.7-inch LCD screen
• Scene Recognition Auto (SR AUTO)
• ISO sensitivity to 1600 at full resolution (and ISO 3200 at 3MP)
• Tracking Auto Focus
• Motion Panorama Mode
• Face Detection technology with auto red?eye removal
• Blink Detection
• Smile & Shoot mode
• NEW Facebook/You Tube easy web upload
• Digital Image Stabilisation
• Intelligent Flash
• Photo book assist
• Full HD image and 720p HD video capture
• Li?ion rechargeable battery

 A whole host of new super-zoom bridge cameras from Fujifilm

Fujifilm announces today that its S-Series long-zoom “bridge camera” range is being extended to include four new super-zoom models. Highly regarded for their ease-of-use and compact nature, and featuring sought after EVFs; the new additions to the bridge camera line-up have tele-photo capabilities ranging from an impressive 24x zoom to a huge 30x zoom.

The NEW S3200, S3300, S3400 and S4000 cameras all boast high resolution 14 megapixel CCDs, award winning Fujinon optics, 24mm wide-angle lenses, are intuitive and easy to operate and are packed full of useful features and technologies. With bright 3.0-inch LCD screens (460K dot resolution on the S3400 & S4000 and 230K dot resolution on the S3200 and S3300), Fujifilm’s new bridge camera range has a lot to offer.

Electric powered Fujinon zoom lenses

The main differentiator between each of the new bridge cameras is their zoom capabilities:

S4000 30x (24-720mm) 3.0-inch LCD (460K resolution)
S3400 28x (24-672mm) 3.0-inch LCD (460K resolution)
S3300 26x (24-624mm) 3.0-inch LCD (230K resolution)
S3200 24x (24-576mm) 3.0-inch LCD (230K resolution)


Key Features at a glance:

• 14 Megapixel CCD
• 24mm wide-angle super zoom lens
• Dual Image Stabilisation
• 3.0-inch LCD screen
• EVF (200K dot resolution)
• Full HD stills and 720p HD movie capture (30 fps)
• HDMI port for easy image display on any HDTV
• Up to ISO6400 (at reduced resolution)
• Easy web upload to Facebook and YouTube
• Face Detection with Blink detection and Smile and shoot mode
• Face Recognition technology
• SR Auto (Scene Recognition Auto)
• Full Manual Controls
• Tracking AF
• Motion Panorama mode
• Intelligent Flash
• Image Search function with Photobook assistant
• Auto Rotate
• 4 x AA batteries


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