Fuji Xerox Pioneers Document-Management in Healthcare Industry

Fuji Xerox Pioneers Document-Management in Healthcare Industry

Fuji Xerox announced the launch of their Healthcare Portal Solution - designed with the healthcare industry in mind to help streamline administrative workflow and enable users to effortlessly access electronic forms and documents on-demand from any web-browser or Fuji Xerox Multifunction Devices (MFD).

In the paper-intensive healthcare industry, the current forms management flow continues to be a laborious process. Despite migrating patients’ data to electronic records, healthcare organizations still face day-to-day obstacles as most of them are still using pre-printed forms and manually filling up patient’s information.

The Healthcare Portal Solution aims to abridge the intricacy of administrative tasks without compromising on accuracy and security. This automated, electronic process prompts users to ensure accurate input of patients’ medical history and health information, minimizing opportunities for costly human error. ID and password authentication secures confidential documents which can be made accessible to selected users.

Working hand-in-hand with the Hospital and Clinic Information Systems, Fuji Xerox’s Healthcare Portal Solution offers an effortless integration to the existing infrastructure and is customizable for organisations as small as a clinic, to as big as a healthcare group with several clinics and hospitals. The solution also eases the move towards Electronic Medical Records (EMR) by bridging the gap between paper and electronic records and helps facilitate compliance requirements required of healthcare organizations.

Digital forms created can be shared within the hospital’s own network, or even within a connected network of hospitals sharing the same database. The solution can also automatically generate barcodes on forms in seconds and create form packs and populate them with patients’ information.

The Fuji Xerox Healthcare Portal Solution offers a holistic experience that sets to elevate the healthcare industry to greater heights through an infrastructure revolution, optimized productivity and enhanced service quality. With the Healthcare Portal Solution, Fuji Xerox continues to reinforce its product lineup as the pioneer of document management software developers, contributing to the government and private sector alike through innovative software solutions.

*The Fuji Xerox Healthcare Portal Solution is available in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

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