Fuji Xerox Announces DocuColor 1450 GA

Fuji Xerox Announces DocuColor 1450 GA

Fuji Xerox announces the new DocuColor 1450 GA, a high image quality, professional color printer for the design and graphics arts markets, along with PX 140 Print Server U/L. DocuColor 1450 GA specializes in printing comps and proofs for prepress verification of final layout and colors with accurate color control and reproduction. Apt for the professional needs of designers and artists, this printer is the ultimate instrument where image quality is of paramount importance.

High image quality and stability enables richer expression

The newly developed print engine adopts the four-cycle system that is known for its image quality and color stability. This enables output with high image quality, controlling the color drift and irregularity of each CMYK plate. The DocuColor 1450 GA also employs EA-Eco toner that realizes both energy-saving and high image quality. This toner contains smaller and more uniform toner particles, which reduces the raised feel of the image surface, and its oil-free property enables high image quality with controlled gloss, similar to that of the printing press. On the other hand, when glossiness is required, three levels of gloss can be attained with the newly developed gloss control function, adjusted according to the paper's gloss, such as printing on coated paper. By adding the intended gloss and shine, the output will have a texture closer to the final print.

Compatibility with a wider range of paper for higher productivity

The DocuColor 1450 GA can handle a wide range of grammage from light weight (64g/m2) to heavy weight (300g/m2). Also, it can print on a variety of paper types, from postcards to coated paper and matte paper, which will be a powerful asset when printing prepress proofs for verifying actual output image. The device can also print on A3 full bleed with registry guide, often used when printing comps/proofs, from a paper tray of the main body. This makes it possible to reproduce a two-page spread of A4 catalog images, increasing output work productivity.

Enhanced print workflow and color profile support

Equipped with the conventional CPSI (Configurable PostScript Interpreter) RIP engine, the DocuColor 1450 GA is also an early adopter of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5, the latest PDF direct RIP developed by Adobe. This allows it to directly output faithful renderings of PDF files, including sophisticated designs with transparency effects, without flatten processing of the files. The device provides image output exactly matching the DTP image, as well as a higher processing speed.

With the ability to directly print 2400dpi 1 bit Tiff file, DocuColor 1450 GA enables a user (or an operator) to check more easily.

DocuColor 1450 GA supports variety of CMYK color profiles such as ISO Coated v2, GRACoL2006, SWOP2006 #3, Japan Color2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, JMPA Color v2 and DIC Standard Color. Of those profiles, the device is certified for DIC Standard Color.
Fuji Xerox continually introduces innovative solutions for production printing industry, contributing to the customers' business growth as well as the decreasing the relatively high carbon footprints.

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