FTC Should Go After Wall Street not Apple

FTC Should Go After Wall Street not Apple

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and who has served under three administrations, recently shared his thoughts regarding a possible antitrust probe on Apple by the Federal Trade Commission. His argument is that why should the FTC be concerned with Apple when they are bigger and more important issues at hand.

Robert Reich - Why is the Federal Trade Commission threatening Apple with a possible lawsuit for abusing its economic power, but not even raising an eyebrow about the huge and growing economic (and political) muscle of JP Morgan Chase or any of the other four remaining giant banks on Wall Street?

Our future well being depends more on people like Steve Jobs who invent real products that can improve our lives, than it does on people like Jamie Dimon who invent financial products that do little other than threaten our economy.

An interesting read that really puts perspective on what's really important and what's not. Honestly, it's not as if people lives depended on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, so why should Apple's decision be so fatal? Users not pleased with Apple have many other alternatives.

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