Foxconn Giving Workers Another Raise

Foxconn Giving Workers Another Raise

The recent spate of suicides at Foxconn has put the OEM manufacturer in a spot. In an attempt to rectify the situation and placate its workers, it has since given its workers a 33% raise. Recently, in addition to that 33% raise, Foxconn has also said that employees who pass a 3-month evaluation review are entitled to an additional 66% raise, on top of the 33% that they were already given. Workers who qualify for the 66% raise would be able to make US$293 a month - up from US$132 originally.

Tom's Hardware - "This wage increase has been instituted to safeguard the dignity of workers, accelerate economic transformation, support Foxconn's long-term objective of continued evolution from a manufacturing leader to a technology leader, and to rally and sustain the best of our workforce," said Foxconn founder and Chairman Terry Gou in a statement.

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