Foursquare Airs First TV Commercial

Foursquare Airs First TV Commercial

New media using "old" media to promote itself? You better believe it. You might not have heard of Foursquare, but it's a rather popular location-based social networking app that has over half a million users, and is pretty big in the U.S. Anyway, it recently aired its first TV commercial, and it is expecting an influx of new users.

Techcrunch - In a tweet sent from their main Twitter account, the Foursquare team notes a “rumor” that an ad for their service will be running on Bravo tonight alongside the show Sheer Genius from 9 to 10 PM. But it’s not a rumor, we’ve seen the ad (and have embedded it below for your own viewing pleasure). It’s a 20-second spot made by Bravo for Foursquare to highlight their recently announced a partnership that allows the network to point out locations from its shows that let fans who use Foursquare (or their own Guides By Bravo app) go to them in the real world.

Keep an eye on Foursquare, because it might just be the next big thing. To read the original news article, click here.

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