Floating on iCloud

Floating on iCloud

More and more users are shifting the storage of data on to cloud services as is evidenced by the popularity of services like Dropbox and many others. Google also recently announced its cloud music service which is in beta currently.

However, it seems that Apple has done one better with the iCloud and has accomplished the Herculean task of actually getting all four major record labels on board, which means that there will be no pesky copyright issues plaguing the services. - Apple's system will be able to analyse all the songs stored by a person on their computer. It will then simply allow them to access these same songs through the iPod, iPhone or other device, without requiring them to "upload" the track to these machines first.

The functionality of the iCloud rests on how well it syncs and matches up with a user's iTunes library. But the prospect of never having to upload your music collection and still having access to it anywhere you go is extremely exciting. - Reports suggest the iCloud will be made free for Apple iTunes users for the first year, with the California-based company hoping eventually to charge a subscription fee of about US$25 a month.

More information on the matter can be found here.

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