Flipboard - Ushering in An Era of Tablet Publishing?

Flipboard - Ushering in An Era of Tablet Publishing?

A total of 3.5 million downloads in a year and two months; 550 million flips per month since June. These are statistics that  Flipboard CEO Mike McCue has revealed about the popular app. 

Some of his interesting observations about tablet usage: 

TechCrunch - McCue said that the peak hours for the app are between 8pm-10pm at night, and then first thing in the morning. “The tablet is creating a totally new kind of consumption experience, the kind of experience people have dreamed about for years,” said McCue, holding HTML5, social media and the rise of the tablet in the one and 1/2 years since the iPad’s creation as the harbingers of this change in content consumption habits.

Check out the TechCrunch's interview with McCue in the video below.

 Source: TechCrunch

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