Flipboard Reaches 1 Million Users on iPhone

Flipboard Reaches 1 Million Users on iPhone

About a week back the popular web reader application Flipboard, previously for the iPad only, also became available for the iPhone. The new iPhone version of the application has now crossed the one million users mark.

Flipboard lets you aggregate and browse feeds from social network accounts, websites and other sources. The increased number of users has also translated into actual perusal of the app.

The company uses "flips", the act of turning a page in Flipboard, as a metric and has reported a rise to 2 billion flips per month. Before the iPhone version of the app became available they garnered 650 million flips per month. The marked increase shows that not only are people downloading the app, but they are using it regularly as well.

Apple had awarded Flipboard the iPad App of the Year award in 2010 and Time Magazines listed it as one of the Top 50 Inventions of 2010. So its success on the iPhone platform does not come as a surprise.

However with Google's own reader, named Currents, out on the market as well Flipboard might need to keep up its innovative work if it hopes to continue growing.

Source: PC Mag and Tech Crunch

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