Flickr Rolling Out New Look for New Times

Flickr Rolling Out New Look for New Times

Flickr can easily be said to be the most popular photo sharing sites on the web at present. Its numbers of 3.5 million uploads daily are second only to Facebook. But with Google+ and Picasa entering the scene, along with the adoption of apps like Instagram for smartphones, its position may be in jeopardy.

Parent company Yahoo has outlined a mobile-first strategy moving forward, and Flickr's design update keeps this in mind. Images on the front page will be dialed up, and they'll be four times larger than current sizes with no negative space or text to clutter the display. At the same time, the upload process will receive drag-and-drop functionality to make it easier for users to manage.

There has also been a reduction in subscription costs for the Flickr Pro account. Seeing that every person is a photographer thanks to the camera on their smartphones, it might be smart of Yahoo to ensure Flickr remains in vogue.

Source: Beat Beat via Techland

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