Flickr App Updated for iPhone

Flickr App Updated for iPhone

Flickr has announced an update for its application on the iPhone platform. The main changes are user interface tweaks along with easier batch uploading of photographs, which should be welcomed heartily. Unfortunately though there is still no iPad version of the app on the horizon.

There is no doubting the popularity of Flickr. With thousands of users along with high on-site traffic, Flickr still is a highly relevant service. However, with Instagram and other sites offering a high level of social media integration, which is essential in today's times, Flickr may lose the ground it holds in the future.

Dilly dallying with regards to its presence on all devices may also cost Flickr in the long run. No Android version of the Flickr App exists and new services such as are already sprouting up on the iPad to take advantage of the photo service's absence. By virtue of its strong online footing, Flickr should be a strong presence on the mobile platform. But perhaps the service has decided to stick to what it does best and not over reach.

Source: Tech Crunch

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