Firefox 8 Helps You Search Tweets

Firefox 8 Helps You Search Tweets

Keeping up with its shortened release cycles, Mozilla has updated its popular Firefox browser yet again. The new Firefox 8 brings Twitter search integration, on-demand tabs and greater support for HTML 5 developers while addressing some security issues as well.

Google recently made it possible to search through tweets and now this feature in being rolled out as part and parcel of the latest iteration of Mozilla's browser. Social media users will now be able to sift through their Twitter activities from within Firefox 8. Searches can be further narrowed by using the "#" and "@" operators that Twitter employs. 

On-demand tabs allow users to load up and restore a large number of tabs with ease. The option can be enabled from the Firefox Menu, under Options/Preferences, in the General tab.

Beefing up security is always a smart idea and with Firefox 8 any third party software installed on the browser will need to be authorized before it can run, giving you the opportunity to catch malware before it has a chance to infect your system. Android users also get the option to set a Master Firefox Password that will protect all other usernames and passwords used with the mobile browser.

Finally, developers for HTML 5 get a helping hand with their endeavors, as Mozilla gives them easier ways to customize right click menus for end users.

Mozilla's Firefox is the second most used browser across all platforms at present, but has lost ground to Google Chrome in recent times. Seeing that it is the first to introduce Twitter search integration, maybe we will see it pull ahead of the pack once again.

Source: Mozilla (via PC Mag)

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