FireFox 7.0 Released by Mozilla

FireFox 7.0 Released by Mozilla

Since the release of Firefox 6.0 in August this year, the developers developers on the Mozilla Firefox project have been hard at work. Mozilla has released the final build of Firefox 7.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This stable build of Firefox is said to correct memory leak issues that has plagued the browser over years. This release of Firefox 7.0 is also a culmination of MemShrink, an initiative that began in June this year to eradicate the browser's memory inconsistencies.

Mozilla has touted that with Firefox 7.0, the user experience will be faster and more responsive. This may be due to the one of key aspects of MemShrink that offers better Javascript garbage collection. This will result in fewer crashes due to mishandling of out of memory (OOM) conditions or aborts. Hence, Firefox 7.0 is expected to be more stable than previous releases. Mozilla developer Nicholas Nethercote claims that Firefox 7.0 uses less memory than the past three versions, between 20 and 50 percent less in some instances.

Other minor changes include the exclusion of the prefix "http://" from the awesome bar and shading the sub-domain section of a URL a lighter grey. Firefox Sync now processes password and bookmark changes faster. You visit its official website here and download Firefox 7.0. For the more adventurous users, you can try Firefox Aurora v8 or Firefox  Beta although these releases are only recommended for experienced users or developers.

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