Firefox 6 Upgrade Released by Mozilla

Firefox 6 Upgrade Released by Mozilla

Mozilla has released Firefox 6 in what can be a considered a sedate manner when compared to the fanfare that surrounded the launch of previous iterations. And when you look try out Firefox 6 you do not see the sweeping changes that usually accompany a refresh of this particular browser. However, there are significant changes and improvements that have been implemented in the latest version.

Mozilla claims that Firefox 6 offers a faster startup for users, which is the basic requirement an upgrade has to fulfill. Security has also been beefed up. Catching up with Chrome, Firefox 6 will also highlight the URL in the top bar, which draws the users attention to it  and hence can help you identify scam sites that use common typos of popular sites to pass of as legitimate. Permission features and privacy setting have also been tweaked.

It seems though that after adopting a faster production and release cycle, the new release is just an upgrade rather than an entirely new product. Firefox 6 almost feels like a patch for Firefox 5. Mozilla claims that Firefox 7, which is expected in October 2011 will offer more substantial changes.


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