Firefox 4 Beta 1 Available on Android and Maemo

Firefox 4 Beta 1 Available on Android and Maemo

Firefox users, rejoice. Firefox 4 Beta 1 has just been made available on Google Android and Maemo, so if you are also using any devices running on these mobile OSes, then you're in luck. Firefox 4 Beta 1, or also known as Fennec (heck, even the APK file for Android is named Fennec) comes with nifty features such as an Awesome Bar that reveals your history at one click, and Bookmark Sync to keep all your bookmarks synchronized over-the-air.

Download Squad - Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out for Android and Maemo devices today, and it's the richest mobile version of Firefox yet. In contrast to buggy, borderline-unusable Alpha versions you may have tried, the beta packs more features and a bit more stability.

We've started testing the mobile web browser, and it does seem stable and easy for web browsing with its pinch-to-zoom function. You learn more about Firefox 4 Beta 1 over here. To get the new mobile web browser, point your device's web browser to

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