Firefox 12 Available for Download, Firefox 13 in the Pipeline

Firefox 12 Available for Download, Firefox 13 in the Pipeline

They really were not kidding around when they decided to accelerate release cycles of browsers. It seems just like yesterday that Firefox 11 was unveiled. Now we already have Firefox 12 in our hands. And before you've even downloaded the new browser to see what's new, Mozilla has already made Firefox 13 beta available online as well.

Besides additional tools to make the lives of developers easier, Firefox 12 comes with a new updater that does not use the User Access Control prompt. This is intended to make update notifications less intrusive and annoying. Perhaps Java and Adobe can follow suit for their products as well?

Firefox 13 however is shaping up to step it up a notch further. The browser will be among the first to have Google's SPDY protocol enabled by default. The SPDY protocol aims at challenging HTTP by offering reduced load times as well as encrypted traffic.

In addition, users will get to experience new features such as Tabs On Demand, where tabs are loaded only once after they have been selected. The user interface will also be getting a facelift as Firefox 13 shapes up to bring about major changes to the browser.

Source: Mozilla via Arstechnica

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