Fallacious Lumia 920 Promo Video Fiasco Under Investigation

Fallacious Lumia 920 Promo Video Fiasco Under Investigation

An independent ethics and compliance officer will be launching a review into the Lumia 920 promotional video fiasco, possibly in hopes to quell the bad press that Nokia has garnered as a result. If you haven't already seen it, here's the video in question:

BusinessWeek - "A video advertisement showing off the device’s camera technology was questioned by The Verge blog hours after the phone was demonstrated. The video shows a woman riding a bicycle down a road and as she passes a parked trailer, the reflection in a window reveals a large white van with lighting equipment and a cameraman hanging out of the door filming."

The company has previously issued an apology for the misleading marketing materials and has maintained its innocence by claiming "that the video was not shot on the Lumia 920 but rather "simulated" to give an idea as to what OIS on the Lumia 920 would look like", according to GSMArena.

Hopefully, the results of the ethical inquiry will bring good news to Nokia, seeing that the bad publicity will clearly harm its already waning marketing performance.

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