Facebook is Tracking You Online

Facebook is Tracking You Online

Disturbing news: Facebook has officially acknowledged that it tracks where both members and non-members go on the internet, and they keep a running log of this history up to 90 days.

According to ABC News:

Facebook officials are now acknowledging that the social media giant has been able to create a running log of the web pages that each of its 800 million or so members has visited during the previous 90 days. Facebook also keeps close track of where millions more non-members of the social network go on the Web, after they visit a Facebook web page for any reason.

Facebook has disclosed how it tracks both users and non-users through the use of two different tracking cookies, a 'session cookie' and a 'browser cookie.' Non-members receive the browser cookie when they visit a Facebook page.

From then on, every time they visit a third-party site with a Facebook Like button or Facebook plug-in, the cookie records the date, time and site address, plus your IP address and sends the information to Facebook. For users who are logged in, the session cookie does the logging, and other details are recorded, like your name and email address.

Facebook's tracking of both users and non-users have alarmed many, including European privacy regulators. corporate security executives and the United States' Federal Trade Commission.

For more details on the story, go to ABC News.

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