Facebook Secretly Building a Phone?

Facebook Secretly Building a Phone?

According to Techcrunch, Facebook is possibly working on their very own mobile phone. The phone, they speculate, could be a lower end model, priced cheaply, to offer users a cheap way to access and tap into their Facebook accounts on the go.

Techcrunch - So what might this phone look and feel like? We don’t know yet. When will it be announced? Don’t know. But I’d speculate that it would be a lower end phone, something very affordable, that lets people fully integrate into their Facebook world. You call your friend’s name, not some ancient seven digit code, for example. I’d imagine Facebook wanting these things to get into as many hands as possible, so I’d expect a model at a less than $50 price. Pay your bill with Facebook Credits. Etc.

This is certainly interesting news for Facebooks fanatics. To read the original story, click here.

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