Facebook Opens Its Server and Data Center Designs

Facebook Opens Its Server and Data Center Designs

We know that Facebook has been working hard on a new, energy-efficient data center. Despite Facebook's size, this is the first one that it actually owns; all along, they've been leasing space. And in a rather unexpected move, and just weeks before the center's opening, Facebook has decided to post specifications and schematics of the data center online.

Facebook - We started a project at Facebook a little over a year ago with a pretty big goal: to build one of the most efficient computing infrastructures at the lowest possible cost. We decided to honor our hacker roots and challenge convention by custom designing and building our software, servers and data centers from the ground up. The result is a data center full of vanity free servers which is 38% more efficient and 24% less expensive to build and run than other state-of-the-art data centers. But we didn't want to keep it all for ourselves. Instead, we decided to collaborate with the entire industry and create the Open Compute Project, to share these technologies as they evolve.

According to Data Center Knowledge, cloud computing provider Rackspace Hosting and gaming giant Zynga have indicated that they would likely adopt elements of the Open Compute designs. Dell has also said that it had already integrated the Open Compute motherboard design into its servers.

Find out more about the Open Compute Project here.

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