Facebook Offers Local Deals for Mobile Users

Facebook Offers Local Deals for Mobile Users

There's no Facebook phone yet, but the company is certainly pushing forward in the mobile space with its latest announcements. Facebook now offers deals and coupons for users through its Places, its location based platform, where users can 'check in' at a location and enjoy the promotions. It's definitely muscling into Foursquare's territory and Facebook's vastly greater user base may persuade more merchants to join.

NYT - Facebook introduced a feature on Wednesday that will allow retailers and other merchants to offer coupons and special deals through its mobile application, intensifying competition in the market for mobile searches and advertising. People who use Places, Facebook’s location feature, will see a yellow icon indicating that a redeemable deal or coupon is available nearby. They can then use the application to “check in” at the store or restaurant and show their phone’s screen to an employee to claim their deal.

Click here for the full story and here to read about the new Android Facebook app.

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