Facebook Music Feature Revealed?

Facebook Music Feature Revealed?

Facebook Music will be launched tomorrow, but details of how the service will work are still scarce. Fortunately for us, a Facebook employee has accidentally revealed crucial details about the service via Twitter:

TechCrunch - Ji Lee, the creative director that Facebook stole away from Google in April, sent out the following tweet earlier:

The “Listen with your friend” feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE.

Within minutes, Lee deleted the tweet, but not before Mitchell Holder grabbed a screenshot. Yes, Lee is describing a key feature of Facebook Music launching tomorrow. Not only will all music you’re listening to appear in the just-launched right-side ticker, there will be a link to “Listen with your friend”, that when clicked, will allow you to listen along to the same song at the same time (thanks to the magic of scrobbling and track matching). 

Source: TechCrunch

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