Facebook Messenger for Desktops

Facebook Messenger for Desktops

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is not just content with taking over the internet. Facebook has launched a trial version of Messenger for Windows, which will be a desktop client for the Windows 7 operating system. The new desktop application will allow users to have access to chat and messaging services that Facebook provides in-site. They will also be able to view the latest updates in ticker format along with notifications.

Facebook already has applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry. With the eventual launch of the Messenger for Windows, Facebook will have presence on all the popular and widely used platforms. At present, the new software is only available to those who have been invited to try it out and no public download is available. The beta period will be used to garner feedback and hammer out the kinks in the service.

With this move, Facebook will be going toe to toe with other instant messaging services such as Windows Messenger and GTalk. But the new Ticker feature with scrolling news from the user's own Facebook page will definitely give the new-comer a huge competitive edge. The feature is something that can be monetized as Facebook could easily sell ticker space for advertisements. Overall, the inculcation of real time feeds into a messenger is a smart move on Facebook's part and we assume the client will definitely bring an air of legitimacy to their chat feature.

Source: Facebook (via Tech Crunch)

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