Facebook Integrates Skype Video Chat

Facebook Integrates Skype Video Chat

Since last week, rumors of a partnership between Facebook and Skype has been going around. With the launch of Google+, this supposed move from Zuckerberg's social network is seen as a response to Google+'s own video chat feature. Just a few hours ago, the official announcement has been made, with Zuckerberg confirming that Skype will be providing the video-call service on Facebook.

BBC - Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype to add video chat to the social networking site. The move is likely to be seen as a shot across the bow of Google, which recently launched a Facebook rival, Google+, also featuring video calling. This is not the first time Facebook and Skype have teamed up - they already share some instant messaging tools.

During the press conference, Zuckerberg reiterated the magnitude of its Facebook community with more than 750 million users. With Skype's video-call function integrated into the social network, it stands to say that both companies will benefit themselves and users who are on both platforms. However, it is noted that Google+ still has an advantage with the ability to handle video conferencing, while this newly launched partnership by Facebook and Skype will currently support one-to-one video calls. Future updates should be implemented, but there's no word on what will be introduced and when it'll be ready.

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