Facebook Experimenting New "Want" and "Collect" Buttons

Facebook Experimenting New "Want" and "Collect" Buttons

When Facebook had 900 million active users back in July, we reported that there was a hidden Javascript code in the company's website that revealed a "Want" button. More recently, shortly after the company announced its user count has breached the 1 billion mark, Facebook has finally confirmed the existence of the "Want" button.

The general function of the "Want" button has not been altered since July, and it will still operate as a wishlist of sorts. According to PC Mag, Facebook also revealed a second button called "Collect", that will signify items users are collecting on their Timelines.

Both buttons are meant to work alongside the "Like" button that has become an important aspect of the Facebook experience. In an email sent to PC Mag, Facebook confirmed the "Want" and "Collect" button are being tested by different user groups at the moment in a program called the "Collections" test.

Retailers participating in the "Collections" tests, are Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Smith Optics, and Products from these retailers that have been "wanted" or "collected" will also feature a "Buy" link that will take users out of Facebook and into the retailer's online store.

Unfortunately, it appears that the additional buttons aren't available to the general public for now. If they become a permanent feature, however, it could give retailers a few extra options when planning their online commerce strategy.

Source: PC Mag

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