Facebook Expands Non-Smartphone Reach with Snaptu Acquisition

Facebook Expands Non-Smartphone Reach with Snaptu Acquisition

Facebook is kind of scary. The rate at which it's acquiring companies to expand its presence shows that the social network is expanding and attempting to reach out to a more niche market. Over the weekend, Snaptu has just announced that it will be acquired by Facebook. For those who aren't familiar, Snaptu is an app designed for non-smartphones, linking you to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more such websites.

Electronista - Facebook on Sunday acquired Snaptu in a further sign of its backing for basic feature phones. The deal follows Snaptu's launch of a dedicated Facebook for Feature Phones app earlier in the year and mirrored the Israeli company's desire to head in the same direction. A full Facebook takeover was the "best opportunity" to speed up development, it said.

Even before this acquisition, Facebook has already implemented various plans to bring its services onto feature phones. This acquisition will allow it to gain a stronger foothold in developing markets, where smartphones aren't a popular commodity.

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