Facebook Conducts Facelift For Profile Pages

Facebook Conducts Facelift For Profile Pages

Not to worry, Facebook isn't attempting to tighten their privacy policies yet again. This time round, however, Zuckerberg and crew are making changes to users' profile pages instead. Updates on the redesigned biography page includes recently tagged photos and personally selected friends instead of a random list.

AP, NEW YORK – Facebook is redesigning the profile pages of its 500 million-plus users to make it more of a reflection of their real lives and emphasize one of the site's most popular features, photos. Facebook said in a blog post Sunday the changes are meant to make it easier for users to tell their story — who they are, where they work, their life philosophy and the most important people in their lives. The changes place a bigger emphasis on visuals, from photos to images of users' interests.

Other updates include a new listing for work projects. Hit the link for more.


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