Facebook Announces New Privacy Controls

Facebook Announces New Privacy Controls

Facebook has announced the launch of several new improvements, collectively called "Making It Easier to Share With Who You Want" to address many users' concerns over privacy and usability.

The changes include new Inline Profile Controls, which will let a user quickly know exactly who can see what they post right from their profile page, rather than going through several menus of navigation.

A new Profile Tag Review will allow users to approve or reject photos or posts they are tagged in before they are published on their profile.

Users will also be able to review, approve or reject any tag someone attempts to add to their photos or posts.

Other changes include renaming the 'everyone' label to the more easily understandable 'public', label and the abililty to change who can view a post at any point in time.  

A full breakdown of the changes can be found on the Facebook blog.

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