Facebook To Acquire Skype?

Facebook To Acquire Skype?

We know that Facebook has been busy chomping up start-ups and minor social networking sites in recent times. Observably, online offerings such as Divvyshot and Hot Potato have already fallen prey to the firm's massive acquisition appetite. If recent reports hold any water, it is quite likely Mr Zuckerberg now has his eyes on Skype. As it stands, it remains unclear if Facebook has plans for a merger or buyout, but we do know that a takeover bid would probably cost Zuckerberg US$4 billion or thereabouts. 

Device Magazine - See who Mark Zuckerberg is after these days. We hear the Facebook CEO is eyeing the takeover of the much popular Skype. If the grapevine is true to what it manages to churn out, Facebook might end up buying out Skype for a price close to $4 billion.

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