Experience a Smarter and Efficient Way to Clean with NaviBot-Silencio

Experience a Smarter and Efficient Way to Clean with NaviBot-Silencio

SINGAPORE - Samsung launched the new NaviBot-Silencio, an intelligent robotic cleaner that provides hands-free automated floor cleaning with a simple touch of a button.

Visionary Mapping System – Speedy and Accurate cleaning

NaviBot-Silencio creates a map of your house with an onboard camera. The Visionary Mapping System captures images at 30 frames per second with the onboard camera, creating a map of the house and plotting the optimum route to achieve total coverage. NaviBot-Silencio also has the ability to memorize the best cleaning path, to calculate its exact location in the home, and remembers where it has cleaned, and what is still left to finish.

It also uses cognitive mapping technology with two CPU control chips, which serve as the ‘brain’ to think smart with high efficiency. When the battery is low, NaviBot-Silencio automatically takes the shortest route back to the docking station to be recharged. After being fully recharged, it goes back to its last location to begin cleaning.

Micro Fiber Polisher

NaviBot-Silencio picks up dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and other debris by specially designed rotating side brushes and power brush while it navigates in the house. It also contains up to 0.6L of dusts and filters fine dusts through washable HEPA filter. It also uses Samsung's patented technology pet hair care to prevent pet hair from wrapping around the brushes.

Quietly Effective

Faster and quieter, the new NaviBot-Silencio takes great care not to disturb. It is designed with Samsung’s Vacuum Cleaner with Air Path Technology to reduce irritating noises.

Navigation System Visionary Mapping
Pet hair care Yes
Low Noise Yes
Side Brush 2
Auto recharging / Recharging hours Yes / 2 hours
Virtual Guard 1
Sensor Collision: 8

Bumper: 2

Cliff: 3

Quick Empty Yes
Anti tangle Yes
Cleaning mode 7 modes

- Auto

- Spot

- Max

- Manual

- Edge

- Delay Start

- Daily Schedule

Turbo mode Yes
Filtration HEPA
Micro Fiber Polisher Yes
Extra brush / Filter Yes / Yes
Remote control Yes
Body control Touch
Color Mirror Gray


NaviBot-Silencio is available at $1099 at all major retailers.

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